Our Services

At Lawson Aerospace, we support major and minor repair or alteration projects that require a Return to Service with FAA approved data for Normal and Transport Category Airplanes and Rotorcraft that show compliance with the Code of Federal (Aviation) Regulations 21, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 31 and CAR 3, 4b, 6, 7.

Damage tolerance (crack growth) analysis reports with a Supplemental ICA calling out NDT inspection intervals for transport category airplanes per 14 CFR 25.571 and an FAA form 8110-3 approving the data for the installation of antennas or sensors to the pressurized fuselage skin, or repairs to the fuselage skin and frames, doors, wings, empennage, flight control surfaces, engine mounts, and bonded main rotor blade repairs would typically cost around $1500.

Structural and fatigue analysis reports with repair or installation instructions, and an FAA form 8110-3 approving the data for such as antenna or sensor installations, the extension of repair limits beyond the manufacturer’s Structural Repair Manual, or typical metallic or composite repairs, such as a cracked or corroded frame repair with doubler angles, or a fuselage or wing skin corrosion blend out with a doubler repair, or composite delamination repair with doubler plies would all typically cost around $800.

Engineering Orders with repair instructions and a structural and fatigue analysis provided for minor repairs and alterations not covered by the manufacturer’s service documents, such as a fuselage skin or a spar chord or rotor blade blend out without a doubler would typically cost around $400.

Structural analysis reports and drawing/sketches are prepared to substantiate major repairs, or major alterations to modify or to install equipment on military, public use, restricted category, and civil registered aircraft. The static strength of aircraft components and installations are analyzed by obtaining internal loads through free-body, shear and bending moment diagrams or numerical methods (FEA), and then performing structural analysis using classical handbook solutions. High cycle fatigue due to flight, acoustic, and random vibration loads is analyzed using stress-life methods. Advanced composite sandwich and solid laminate panels are analyzed using classical laminated plate theory for ply-level tension and compression failure modes, core shear and compression, insert pull out, edge band (bearing), and adhesive shear and tension (bond) strength.

About Us

At Lawson Aerospace, we support major and minor repairs, and major alterations such as the installation of GPS/Glonass, ADS-B, TCAS, UHF, SatCom antennas, WiFi Router, FLIR cameras, LIDAR sensors, aeromedical equipment, searchlights, loud hailers, equipment racks, and other special mission equipment on US civil registered, and public-use (commercial derivative) airplanes and helicopters, such as: Learjet 31, 35/36, 45, 55, 60, Bombardier CRJ-200/700/900, DHC-8 series, Saab 340B, Embraer EMB-120/145, Cessna Citation 500-680, KingAir 200, 300, 350, Gulfstream G-1159, G-V, G150, G280, Dassault FalconJet 50, 900, 2000, Fairchild Swearingen SA-227, Boeing 737, 757, MD-11, Airbus A320 series, Lockheed L-100 (382), C-130H, Cessna 100-400 series, Piper PA-28, PA-42, Pilatus PC-12, Bell 206 thru 407 and Bell 204 thru 412EP, UH-1H, Agusta AW-139, Sikorsky UH-60A, Airbus AS350, MDHI 369E, and many other military and civil aircraft models.

We support heavy maintenance (major and minor repairs) on CRJ-200/700/900, and DHC-8-400 airplanes, repairs on Boeing, Airbus, and Gulfstream engine cowl assemblies, and on BHT 204 through 412 series composite panels. We have supported major and minor repairs to the US Navy fleet of TH-57 (Bell 206B3) helicopters.

We have supported the installation of aeromedical equipment on a large fleet of Bell 206L series and 407 helicopters, weapons platforms on Bell 407 helicopters, special mission equipment such as flare/chaff dispensers, FLIR cameras, sensors on public-use (commercial derivative) Beechcraft King Airs, and large SatCom antennas on executive Airbus A330, A340 and Boeing 747-400, 747-8 airplanes.